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Что делать, если квартиру обокрали: 3 основных правила безопасности
22 дек 15, 09:38
Очень интересно. Спасибо!
650-Year Drought Triggered Ancient City's Abandonment
27 фев 15, 23:52
Dams and pipelines like we have today could protect large cities, but a drought over a long period of time affecting a large area would eventually reduce the populations because of arid land and lack of farming and ranching due to the drought.
Pussy Riot Pen Eric Garner Tribute for First English Song
20 фев 15, 22:34
They should change the name of the song to "We can't sing."
Disa is the new chat app to unite all your messaging services
20 фев 15, 22:23
I'm not a fan of their legal agreement :(
Fresh Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge 3D design concepts depict the dual-edged screen
20 фев 15, 22:23
maybe it needs camera button?
Interstellar Interactive Wormhole & Black Hole Cinematic Montage
20 фев 15, 22:13
Just a word of advice, to bold and capitalize your opinion does not make it more valid. I personally was not overly enthusiastic with the movie, less because of the science and more because of the pace and storytelling.
'Cloud' over Mars leaves scientists baffled
20 фев 15, 22:13
Maybe an alien race is mining iron ore and the cloud is steam from the heaters.
Lenovo plans to upgrade 7 phones to Lollipop in 2015
18 фев 15, 00:24
Nope no hope for my trusty A3500. Will stay on 4.4.2
Best Quick Charge 2.0 USB smartphone chargers
18 фев 15, 00:24
Express tickets to stuff up your battery.
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