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Skincare Basics: The Purpose of a Toner

Skincare Basics: The Purpose of a Toner

Toner is often a step that is overlooked in our skincare routines, a common misconception is that toners are drying, full of alcohol and damaging to the skin and whilst this may have been the case 15 years ago those days are gone and now there are plenty gentle toners with soothing, nourishing and balancing ingredients on the market.

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Kenneth Murphy
Can I use toner after crazy party before job to mask the hungover?
John Ellis
I do not need skin care, but using after hungover its very interesting idea)
Anna K
I stopped using toner a million years ago - it really did strip my skin and I think I used it because my mom did. It never really made my skin look better and it certainly did not make it feel better. It is good to know that toners are less caustic now. Even at this older age my T-zone is super oily, so I'd be interested in trying another toner to see if it helps my complexion. You never know!

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