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No Bra, No Problem: Beyonce Wears a Completely Unbuttoned Shirt to Lunch

No Bra, No Problem: Beyonce Wears a Completely Unbuttoned Shirt to Lunch

All I'm going to say is I sure miss the glamour of old Hollywood! Is this a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen? Beyonce stepped out for lunch with Jay Z at Gracias Madre -- a vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif.

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It's funny. A few years ago one of the NY papers carried a picture of Brittany Spears getting out of a limo. She was hanging with Paris Hilton at the time and made a big deal of going commando. The paper blanked out her exposed "nether regions", but I thought to myself that if this were a man, he would have been arrested and would be some level of registered sex offender!
Marilynn May
we complain at men wearing their pants below their butt, and what better example are women giving our youth with this dressing? no wonder more people get less moral respect and decency apreciation. only because they are rich and famous the law limits do not apply to them?
Anna K
This is not a good look for anyone. If you're an adult you should dress like one, plain and simple. She looks like a drunk frat gril who just doesn't care. Okay, she's world-famous, is an artist, has a decent body, yeah - but none of those things dictate that taste and couth should go out the window. I guess the idea is to get attention, press coverage, getting the fashion-world tongues wagging.. but really, it just proves the this woman is as petty and self-serving and tacky as the rest of us can be. BORING.

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