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Burger King Giving Discounts To People With Hangovers Using Facial Recognition Technology

As Burger King (and most everyone else) is well aware, ’tis the season… for hangovers. With family gatherings, visiting with friends, various Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve parties, a whole lot of alcohol is going to be imbibed. Which, in turn, means that there are going to be a lot of

Internet Rallies Behind Burger King Employee Who Worked 27 Years Without Using A Sick Day

Kevin Ford has been a loyal Burger King employee for 27 years and hasn’t ever taken a sick day since starting his job back in the 1990s. Last year, as a thank you for working close to three decades without taking a single sick day, Burger King management presented Kevin Ford with a goodie

Titans Will Levis’ Girlfriend Gia Duddy Signs Burger King Deal After Going Viral On Draft Night

Gia Duddy, the girlfriend of Tennessee Titans’ rookie quarterback Will Levis, has found herself in the spotlight and signed a lucrative deal with fast food giant Burger King. Gia’s rise to fame came in the wake of Levis’ unexpected drop from the projected first round to the second round during the

Burger King In Thailand Has Unleashed The Most Unholy Fast Food Creation You’ll Ever See

In watching virtually every series that the late, great Anthony Bourdain made, I came to learn that food is perhaps *the* most important characteristic when it comes to defining different cultures. This is to say that, thanks to Bourdain, I’ve always tried to be conscious of mocking other

Customer Who Slipped On ‘Foreign Substance’ At Burger King Awarded Millions In Court

A 48-year-old man in Florida has been awarded just shy of $8 million after suing Burger King in 2021 following an accident at a Hollywood, FL location. The plaintiff sustained lowed back injuries after slipping on a ‘foreign substance’ at Burger King. And the fall was so severe it required surgery

Someone Made An Unhinged, Curse-Filled, Deep Fake Version Of That Annoying ‘Burger King’ Commercial

Burger King If you have existed in the United States of America for the last few months, then odds are you’ve seen or heard Burger King’s new commercial. The ad, which advertises the Whooper, has been airing since late 2022 and has already fixated itself in the brains of sports fans due to how

‘Call Of Duty’ Players Are Paying Absurd Prices For A Burger King Outfit

EA In 2006, video game publisher Bethesda found itself with a controversy on its hands after it released the infamous Horse Armor DLC that gave fans of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion the chance to drop $2.50 on a purely cosmetic item for a virtual animal in a single-player game. The fallout looks

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