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Kylie Kelce Foretold Her Refusal To Wear Non-Eagles Gear Or Do ‘Chiefs Chop’ Before NFL Season

Kylie Kelce, wife of Jason, went viral at the Super Bowl. Not because of her reaction to her husband’s hilarious antics, because of her outfit. She wore a University of Cincinnati sweatshirt instead of Kansas City gear. It was Kylie’s way of supporting her brother-in-law without associating

Jason Kelce Continues Offseason Bender By Crushing Beers In Polar Bear Hat While Kylie Boogies On Stage

Nobody in the NFL is having a more fun offseason than Jason Kelce. The 36-year-old center and his wife continued their incredible bender in New Jersey over the weekend and picked up right where they left off. This time, however, it was Kylie who was the star of the night! Jason, who capped his

Kylie Kelce Hilariously Refused To Watch The Super Bowl Despite Being In VIP Suite

Travis Kelce’s sister-in-law Kylie Kelce, wife of Eagles center Jason Kelce, refused to watch the Super Bowl game on Sunday night despite being in a VIP suite with Taylor Swift and other famous people. Why would Kylie Kelce choose to ignore all the action on the field? She’s more than a little bit

Kylie Kelce Reveals How She Really Feels About Taylor Swift Infiltrating The NFL

Kylie Kelce, wife of Phildelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce and the sister-in-law of Travis Kelce, has revealed what she really thinks about the effect Taylor Swift has had on the NFL and its fans. At first, it appeared as though Kylie Kelce was not going to be on board the Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Turns Up For Travis While Shots Flow In Keleigh Teller’s BTS Look At Star-Studded Suite

Keleigh Teller, Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift are Eagles fans. Or, at the very least, were Eagles fans. Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania and used to root for Philadelphia until she started dating Travis Kelce. As for the other two, their support is also behind the Chiefs now that their

Kylie Kelce Blames Jason’s Shirtless Antics On His Inability To Find A Folding Table To Destroy

Jason Kelce had himself a day at the Bills-Chiefs game in Buffalo last weekend, and his wife says the scene he caused in the luxury suite inside the stadium was the result of him being unable to destroy a folding table before heading inside. You’d be hard-pressed to find an NFL fanbase that’s

Chiefs Game In Buffalo Disproves Any Reports About Beef Between Kylie Kelce And Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce do not have beef. That was abundantly clear on Sunday night in Buffalo. Kylie, of course, is the wife of Jason Kelce. Taylor is dating Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce. You know this by now. Earlier this month, multiple different reports alluded to some drama

Hot Mic Catches Kylie Kelce’s Perfect Reaction To Her Husband’s Shirtless Beer Celebration In Buffalo

Jason Kelce had himself a day as Travis, Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Buffalo for the AFC Divisional Round matchup. The 36-year-old, who has yet to formally announce his retirement but is probably going to retire, was the star of his celebrity-packed suite at Highmark

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