Incredible Canvas Painting Of 400+ College Mascots Goes Viral After Taking 18 Months To Complete

Getty Image College sports fans are the absolute best. Take Phil for example. Earlier this week, one of Phil’s family friends shared an incredible painting that he had been working on. The concept for the artwork, which took 18 months to complete, is very simple. Phil tried to paint as many


University Of Nebraska Omaha Mascot Absolutely Clobbers Child In Heated College World Series Race

Getty Image University of Nebraska Omaha mascot Durango will not stop at anything to win. Even if that means running through a child at the College World Series. The kid got absolutely smoked as the massive mascot came flying past. The College World Series is one of the most fun events in college


The University Of Chattanooga’s Mockingbird Mascot Is Absolutely Massive

Getty Image Chattanooga changed its mascot a few times before landing on a mockingbird. Based on the school’s logo and its proportions, the bird is absolutely massive in size. Click HERE for more college hoops coverage! The University of Chattanooga has had quite a few mascots throughout the


Oregon Duck Absolutely ANNIHILATES Colorado Buffalo During Epic Mascot Duel In Las Vegas

Getty Image The Oregon Duck shows no mercy. During a recent mascot battle with Colorado, the Duck showed Chip who is boss. Click HERE for more college hoops coverage! Very few, if any mascots in the NCAA can rival the greatness of the Oregon Duck. Sometime during the 1920s, a live duck mascot


Georgia’s Bulldog Mascot ‘Uga’ Having A Playdate With Butler’s Bulldog Mascot ‘Blue’ Is Absolutely Adorable

Getty Image Ahead of the National Championship game, Georgia’s bulldog mascot ‘Uga’ made a new friend. He visited Butler’s bulldog mascot ‘Blue’ in Indianapolis and it was absolutely adorable. Click HERE for more college football coverage! When it comes to mascots in college sports, very few are


Indianapolis Colts Mascot Has Perfect Reaction To Losing On A Game-Winning Field Goal In OT (VIDEO)

NFL on CBS Colts mascot ‘Blue’ had a great reaction during Sunday’s game against the Titans. However, it came at Indianapolis’ expense. Click HERE for more football coverage! When it comes to rivalries in the NFL, the Colts and the Titans is amongst the most competitive in recent years. That was


The Oregon Duck Absolutely ROASTED A Fan On Twitter During His Team’s Bye Week

Getty Image To pass time during a bye week, the Oregon Duck had the internet ask him anything. After a few fun answers, the Duck absolutely roasted one of his followers. Click HERE for more football coverage! Oregon football did not play on Saturday, but that didn’t stop THE Oregon Duck from


Notre Dame Wants To Be Very Clear That Its Mascot Is NOT Offensive, Points Fingers At Other Schools

Getty Image A recent survey named Notre Dame’s leprechaun mascot as offensive. The University, however, did not take kindly to the title and pushed back with full force. Click HERE for more college news. Notre Dame University is in full defense of its leprechaun mascot. The school, nicknamed The


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