На информационном ресурсе применяются рекомендательные технологии (информационные технологии предоставления информации на основе сбора, систематизации и анализа сведений, относящихся к предпочтениям пользователей сети "Интернет", находящихся на территории Российской Федерации)

NFL Could Be Getting Rid Of The Chain Gang, Use Technology Instead

The 32 NFL franchises combined are worth well over $100 billion. If that number was a country, it would be around the 60th largest GDP of all countries in the world. But, despite having unlimited financial and technological resources, the NFL still relies on a metal chain and humans holding them

New Reports Sheds Light On Kansas City Chiefs’ Negotiations With Chris Jones

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the unquestioned leader of the Kansas City Chiefs offense. As big as Mahomes’ impact is on the offense, defensive tackle Chris Jones has a similar impact on the Chiefs’ defense. Simply put, he’s a superstar. The five-time Pro Bowler has been a huge part of their

Penn State Defensive End Chop Robinson Sets Combine Record With Insane 40-Yard Dash

Penn State defensive end Chop Robinson is one of the most intriguing prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. He will be the topic of much discussion over the next two months. That discussion is only going to heat up after Chop Robinson put on a show at the NFL Combine. That was to be expected, as he

Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Claps Back After Getting Heat Over ‘Affair’ Joke

Lisa Wilson, the often controversial mother of beleaguered New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, joked on social media about having an affair on her Instagram story and people didn’t like it. So she clapped back. The trouble began (this time) when Lisa Wilson shared a video of herself at the gym

Houston Texans Quarterback CJ Stroud Names A Puzzling All-Time NBA Starting Five

Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud had a sensational rookie season that will go down in the history books. The Ohio State alum looks like a future face of the league. For his sake, it’s a good thing that the NFL dream looks like it’s going to work out. He would be a truly terrible NBA analyst,

Tight end Brock Bowers hopes for Georgia-like high use in NFL

Tight end Brock Bowers, who led Georgia in catches and yards in each of his three seasons, hopes he is used similarly by the team that picks him in the 2024 NFL Draft, he said Thursday at the NFL scouting combine.  

Texas Tech Draft Prospect Doesn’t Believe In ‘Space And Other Planets’

Texas Tech linebacker Tyler Owens might have jeopardized his NFL Draft stock with his recent admission about his belief system. According to Owens, who was speaking at the NFL Draft Combine, he does not believe in “space and other planets” and argues that flat-earth conspiracy theorists make some

Steelers Facilities Falling Behind Those Of Women’s College Sports Programs

The Pittsburgh Steelers made headlines this week due to a poor grade on their NFLPA report card. That assessment scored franchises on things like treatment of families, team travel, ownership, and stadium accommodations. Pittsburgh landed below average results in a large portion of the survey,

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