На информационном ресурсе применяются рекомендательные технологии (информационные технологии предоставления информации на основе сбора, систематизации и анализа сведений, относящихся к предпочтениям пользователей сети "Интернет", находящихся на территории Российской Федерации)

All The Old World Systems Are Being Deliberately Torn Down

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, As we approach the holiday season many people turn to thoughts on tradition, heritage, principles, duty, honor and family. They consider the accomplishments and even the failures of the past and where we are headed in the future. For most of the year,

Is America Really 'Up' For A Second Cold War?

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, After the 19th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party in October, one may discern Premier Xi Jinping’s vision of the emerging New World Order. By 2049, the centennial of the triumph of Communist Revolution, China shall have become the

The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real... And Will Begin With Germany And China

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, In numerous articles over the years I have outlined in acute detail the agenda for a future one-world economic and governmental system led primarily by banking elites and globalists; an agenda they sometimes refer to as the "New World Order." The

Buchanan Asks "What Is America's Goal In The World?"

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, For the World War II generation there was clarity. The attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, united the nation as it had never been before — in the conviction that Japan must be smashed, no matter how long it took or how many lives it cost. After the

The REAL New World Order

Interested in precious metals investing or storage? Contact us HERE    The REAL New World Order Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)     Regular readers are familiar with the Old World Order: the cabal of Western oligarchs who control not only our own puppet governments, but

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