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Nike Makes Fanatics Look Incompetent By Rolling Out Incredible Throwback Uniforms For Oregon

Major League Baseball partnered with Fanatics during the offseason and it is not going well thus far. The league’s new uniforms are drawing a lot of criticism from multiple parties. Fans are frustrated with how they look. Players are frustrated with, well, pretty much everything about them.

Ex-Michigan Star Defensive Tackle Mazi Smith Accidentally Sold Team’s 2022 Playbook

Former Michigan defensive tackle Mazi Smith was an absolute superstar in his four years with the Wolverines. After redshirting in 2019 and an up-and-down 2020 season, Smith became a starter in 2021 and eventually blossomed into a first-team All-Big Ten selection in 2022. Months later, he was a

The Fanatics Jerseys Aren’t The Worst Part Of The New MLB Uniforms; The Pants Are See-Through!

It turns out that the awful new jerseys aren’t even the worst part of Major League Baseball’s new uniforms because the pants are see-through! That’s right. Fanatics is apparently off the hook thanks to Nike’s new see-through MLB uniform pants. (Okay, no they’re not. They’re definitely not.) Take

Fresh Kick Friday: Shop These Nike Sneakers On Sale This Week At Dick’s Sporting Goods

We’ve been on a hot streak with Fresh Kick Fridays, so let’s keep it rolling! We’re heading over to everyone’s favorite sports shop for huge savings on kicks from everyone’s favorite sports apparel brand. Enjoy these Nike sneakers on sale this week at Dick’s Sporting Goods. SHOP NIKE SNEAKERS ON

Dillon Gabriel’s Girlfriend Gives Inside Look At Oregon’s Breathtaking Football Facility On First Tour

Dillon Gabriel is set to exhaust his final year of eligibility at the University of Oregon this year. The 23-year-old quarterback, who began his career at UCF in 2019, will play his six season of college football in Eugene after two years at Oklahoma. His girlfriend, Zoe Caswell, will join him

Former Oregon Football Player Reveals One Major Issue With Wearing New Nike Uniform Every Week

BYU linebacker Harrison Taggart spent his freshman season at the University of Oregon before transferring back home to play for the Cougars. The former four-star recruit played in three games during the 2022 season while utilizing a redshirt. Although he saw just nine total snaps during his

Topgolf Creates Hilarious Job Listing To Recruit Tiger Woods On LinkedIn After Nike Split

Tiger Woods spent close to three decades as the face of Nike’s golf arm before announcing the end of that partnership on Monday. There are obviously plenty of other brands who’d be more than happy to sign him, and if he has any interest in linking up with Topgolf, he’s the only person on the

Tiger Woods Confirms He’s Ending His Deal With Nike While Teasing New Chapter

In recent months, there’s been plenty of speculation Tiger Woods was on the verge of ending his long-running endorsement deal with Nike. Now, those rumors have been confirmed by the man himself. When Tiger Woods turned pro in 1996, Nike wasted no time swooping in to sign the 20-year-old (who had

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