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Patrick Mahomes Dodged Cleat-Chasers With Travis Kelce In Las Vegas While Brittany Hit Beach

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce partied in Las Vegas on Saturday night while Brittany hit the beach in Mexico and Taylor Swift finished out her four-night stop in Sydney, Australia. The former two stayed loyal to their significant others while dodging club rats at the Wynn. It was a valiant

Lincoln Riley Does Not Believe That Caleb Williams Deserves Patrick Mahomes Comparison Right Now

Lincoln Riley is a huge fan of Caleb Williams. However, his former head coach at Oklahoma and USC does not believe that the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback is deserving of the comparisons to Patrick Mahomes… yet. The 40-year-old sees the similarities and knows that Williams has the potential

Dan Marino: Patrick Mahomes Is Already Better Than Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, And Many More

Terry Bradshaw. Joe Montana. Troy Aikman. Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes. These are the only quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League to win at least 3 Super Bowl titles. Of all those quarterbacks, Mahomes — who just won his third Super Bowl ring earlier this month — is the only one

Antonio Pierce Reveals How Raiders Used Pistons’ Michael Jordan Rules To Beat Up Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes played his worst game of the 2023/24 season in a loss to the Raiders on Christmas. The Chiefs turned the ball over twice, allowed four sacks, and scored 14 points. Las Vegas tormented Kansas City for 60 minutes straight to that point that NFL fans, analysts and casual observers

Patrick Mahomes Calls Himself A ‘Regular Quarterback’ In Troll Job Of 49ers

During the first half of Super Bowl 58, the San Francisco 49ers were feeling themselves as they dominated the Kansas City Chiefs in the early goings of the game. Footage from NFL Films has revealed that, while the Niners had the Chiefs on the ropes in the first half, safety Tashaun Gipson Sr. told

Old Video Of NFL Analysts Ripping Chiefs For Drafting Patrick Mahomes Resurfaces

Choosing a quarterback in the NFL Draft is, as we have seen time and time again, an inexact science. Sometimes though, like in the case of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, you hit the jackpot. History is littered with quarterbacks who were highly touted coming out of college that teams

Underlying Stat About Patrick Mahomes In Clutch Situations Suggests Giving Him Ball In OT With Chance To Win Was Historically Stupid

Not only was the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to give Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs the ball second, and therefore the chance to win, stupid but it was historically stupid. A Substack article published by Neil Paine highlights just how dumb the 49ers’ decision to give the ball to

Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Attend Party After Parade Shooting, Leads To Heated Internet Debate

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have found themselves at the center of an intense Internet debate following a tragic scene in Kansas City. On Wednesday afternoon, the Chiefs Super Bowl parade came to an abrupt end when shots were fired into the crowd, leading to one death and nearly two dozen

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