На информационном ресурсе применяются рекомендательные технологии (информационные технологии предоставления информации на основе сбора, систематизации и анализа сведений, относящихся к предпочтениям пользователей сети "Интернет", находящихся на территории Российской Федерации)


TikTok With 14 Million Views Claims Proof Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Faking

A viral TikTok video with 14 million views claims to show proof that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are faking their relationship. Yes, we are still doing this. Remember that night in the club after Super Bowl 58 when Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were caught on camera and it appeared as though

‘Time Traveler’ From 2671 Returns To Issue More Terrifying Warnings About 2024

Do you believe that time travel exists? Maybe not today, but sometime in the future? Because if you do, then a man named Eno Alaric who claims to be from the year 2671 might be of interest to you. Alaric, who goes by the handle @radianttimetraveller on TikTok where he spreads his messages and

Brittany Mahomes Called ‘The Worst’ For Her Behavior Towards Stadium Employee

Brittany Mahomes is once again back in the news for her behavior. The wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been a lightning rod for criticism pretty much ever since her husband joined the NFL. Most of the time it’s her own doing, but not always. This week, Brittany Mahomes

North Carolina Parodies Drew Walls’ Viral Target Run With Brilliant Schedule Release On TikTok

As UNC football looks ahead to next season, the Tar Heels’ social media team got creative with its 2024 schedule release on TikTok. It was a brilliant play on one of the most viral videos on the internet in recent months. Social media personality Drew Walls first made waves online back in

Is Donald Trump A Time Traveler? An 1893 Book Has Millions Almost Convinced

The rise of Donald Trump from shady real estate magnate to vociferous reality TV star to President of the freaking United States of America is one of the strangest and unlikely tales ever written. However, there is one other tale, written in 1893, that might be even more unlikely and strange

Китайская компания ByteDance надеется расширить свое присутствие в Австралии, США и Канаде

Помимо США, китайская компания ByteDance ищет таланты, которые смогут присоединиться к ее расширенной деятельности в Канаде и Австралии для работы над приложениями, включая TikTok. Китайская компания ByteDance также переводит существующих сотрудников из других регионов в некоторые новые места.

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