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Elon Musk To Charge X (Twitter) Users Small Annual Fee To Save Floundering Website

Want to join X (formerly Twitter) or create a new account? Well, it’s going to cost you. Elon Musk revealed Monday that new users on the site will have to begin paying a “small fee” annually in hopes of limiting bots on the site. Unfortunately, a small fee for new user write access is the only

Elon Musk Is Getting Clowned On For Awkwardly Acting Like A Kid Who ‘Had Too Many Shirley Temples’ At Recent Red Carpet Event

Elon Musk, more than anything, wants to be liked. It’s why he bought Twitter for $44 billion, where he can pal around with his legions of blue-checkmark-buying fans and it’s why, in real life, he constantly pops up at Hollywood events like the one in the photo above you despite trying to

Elon Musk Confirms Viral Theory Claiming He Used A Burner Account To Post As A Two-Year-Old Version Of Himself

Elon Musk has only managed to accelerate his impressive fall from grace since acquiring the social media platform he rebranded as X, which helped him end up at the center of a lawsuit where that forced him to confirm he was behind a strange burner account on the platform. It’s been around a year

New Data Suggests Elon Musk’s X Is In Free Fall And Headed The Way Of MySpace

Since Elon Musk bought and took over Twitter on October 27, 2022 there have been countless changes to the social network once known as the ‘Internet’s town square.’ Daily and monthly users are down both globally and domestically, but new data suggests Elon Musk’s X if headed the way of MySpace as

Rapper Sexyy Red, Of All People, Roasts Antonio Brown’s Intelligence After He Says She ‘Stanks’

Former NFL wide receiver and current meme poster Antonio Brown got a taste of his own social media meme medicine courtesy of rapper Sexyy Red. Sexyy Red, real name Janae Nierah Wherry, is a 25-year-old rapper from St. Louis known for her 2023 single “Pound Town.” She’s certainly not A Tribe Called

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