NBA Fans Are Convinced A Ref Had A Burner Account He Used To Defend Himself

The NBA has an uncanny ability to produce an impressive amount of drama on a regular basis, which includes a number of instances where some high-profile figures have been caught using a burner account online. It’s hard to think of a more notable example than former 76ers front office executive


Tucker Carlson Says He's Moving His Fox News Show to... Twitter

Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the show he hosted for six-and-a-half years, then was fired from, will continue on Twitter. The ousted anchor announced the move in a nearly three-minute-long video posted to the social media site. We’re back. pic.twitter.com/sG5t9gr60O —


Janelle Monae Drops Stunning Wet T-Shirt Promo Video For New Song

Getty Image Actress and musician Janelle Monae has shared a new video promoting the release of her upcoming song “Lipstick Lover.” The video was posted to Monae’s Twitter account and can be found here. Monae was also recently seen performing following at a Met Gala after-party in what basically


Медведев: Twitter прогнулся под США и Украиной

Медведев уверен, что россияне обойдутся без американской соцсети. Сервис микросообщений Twitter прогнулся под США и Украину, заявил замглавы


Twitter Refines Weed Policy To Allow Packaged Products and More

Twitter is opening the door for advertisers of packaged weed products, the Associated Press reports, with refined changes to the announcement that it will begin allowing THC ads in addition to CBD ads last February.  The new changes will allow packaged cannabis products in ad creative and


Kay Adams Struggles To Get Her Shirt On In Viral Twitter Video

Sports media personality Kay Adams is gearing up for the NFL Draft tonight, but according to a recent post on her Twitter account, she’s facing some “draft day adversity.” Apparently “eating and drinking too much” for her recent 37th birthday, Adams posted a video of her struggling to zip the back


Former UFC Fighter Ben Askren’s Wife Responds To Going Viral On Twitter For The Wrong Reasons

One of the most famous tweets in the history of Twitter reads “each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.” Stated another way, every day on Twitter someone goes viral for saying/doing something that riles up the mob and nobody wants to walk in that person’s shoes.


Houston Texans Get Roasted For Corny ‘Inspirational’ Twitter Post

The Houston Texans aren’t just one of the league’s worst-run franchises when it comes to on-the-field product, as their social media could apparently use some improvement, too. On Monday, April 24, the official Houston Texans Twiter account shared a photo of a quote that read: “Failure is not an


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