Lou Holtz Responds To Ryan Day’s Tirade Following Ohio State’s Win Over Notre Dame

When you consider Lou Holtz is best known for spending more than a decade as the head coach at Notre Dame, it wasn’t too shocking to hear him say he thought the Fighting Irish would beat Ohio State in their matchup on Saturday. However, it was pretty easy to be shocked by the rant Buckeyes head


The Jets Have Added A Quarterback That Presents Virtually No Challenge To Zach Wilson

After weeks of begging, New York Jets fans finally got what they wanted today, as the team signed a new quarterback as a result of Aaron Rodgers’ torn Achilles. Unfortunately for Jets fans, the player they’ve signed does nothing to solve their current problem, as they’ve brought in 31-year-old


Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Jets Players For Beefing On Sideline During Loss To Patriots

The current NFL season has not panned out how the New York Jets envisioned after Aaron Rodgers was sidelined for the year with the Achilles injury he succumbed to on his fourth snap as a member of the team. While they were able to win the season debut despite his absence, they’re currently sitting


Safety In Buccaneers-Eagles Game Cost One Foolish Bettor A Fortune

Every seasoned sports bettor knows there’s no such thing as a “sure bet.” although plenty of sportsbooks offer odds that make it easy to convince yourself you’re placing a wager that can’t lose. That includes one concerning a safety a bettor placed prior to Monday night’s showdown between the


Olivia Dunne Causes A Stir Appearing In First Photo With Boyfriend, MLB Prospect Paul Skenes

For months, fans speculated as to who popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne was referring to when she said she was crushing on someone in her TikTok videos. Everyone from Joe Burrow (they share the same agent) to Morgan Wallen (she’s a big, big fan) were suspected to be dating the social media


Mark Stoops Praises Kentucky Fans And Their Ability To ‘Pound Some Beers’ Ahead Of Early Kickoff

Fans of middling college football programs are no strangers to watching their team kickoff at noon, which can be a serious hindrance to anyone looking to milk a tailgate for all it’s worth. Neither Florida nor Kentucky falls under that particular umbrella this season, but they’ll still be facing


Switch-Kicking College Punter Buries Opponent For Extremely Dirty Hit With Savage Retort

Ricardo Chavez serves as both the starting kicker and punter for University of Idaho football. The senior specialist is considered one of the best in the country, certainly on the FCS level. He is also one of the more unique specialists in college football history. Chavez punts with his left


Broken, Defeated Broncos OL Garett Bolles Breaks Hearts With Viral Summary Of His Brutal Time In Denver

Things are bad in Denver with the Broncos right now. Historically so, in fact. On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins hung 70 points on the Broncos’ helpless defense, making them the first NFL team in 57 years to reach the 70-point mark. While the Broncos have been mightily struggling ever since they won


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