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Chrome 74 Arrives with No Dark Mode for Windows

Source: Thurrott.com Google has completed work on Chrome 74, but the Windows version of the browser does not include a Dark mode as expected. “The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 74 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux,” a Google announcement notes. “This

Download: Try Microsoft’s New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Today

Author: Josh Hendrickson / Source: How-To Geek Microsoft announced last December it would move the Edge over to the Chromium rendering engine. Leaked builds hit the web a few weeks ago, but now you can try an official build from Microsoft. Here’s how to set it up. GoodBye EdgeHTML, Hello

WebAssembly: What Is It And Why Should You Care?

Author: Ben James / Source: Hackaday If you keep up with the field of web development, you may have heard of WebAssembly. A relatively new kid on the block, it was announced in 2015, and managed to garner standardised support from all major browsers by 2017 – an impressive feat. However, it’s only

Beta Test New Firefox Features with Mozilla’s Reference Browser for Android

Author: Andrew Heinzman / Source: How-To Geek Years ago, Mozilla’s “Test Pilot” initiative encouraged users to beta test mobile versions of the Firefox browser. Now, Mozilla is asking users to use its new Reference Browser to help bring a new generation of Firefox to Android phones. Firefox is one

How to Overcome Mozilla Firefox Slow Speed Loading Issue

Some Net users prefer Mozilla Firefox compared to Internet Explorer due to many unique explanations. Mozilla Firefox slow loading happens occasionally but this does not affect the fact it is generally much fast than many different browsers we've got online nowadays. There are a number of simple

Six Easy Ways To Speed Up Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Assessing up the way to accelerate Mozilla Firefox is standard because nearly all of the net surfers are often in a hurry to return to what they really came online for. Some might click on the Mozilla icon soon as they log into the PC however this might not open as desirable as a great deal of

How to Autofill Your Credit Card Number (Securely)

Author: Chris Hoffman / Source: How-To Geek Online shopping is great, but typing in your credit card number on every new website can get annoying fast. Here’s how to skip the typing and check out sooner, whether you’re on your iPhone, Android phone, PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Save It in Your Web

WebSockets Embedded With The ESP8266

Author: Al Williams / Source: Hackaday It used to be that Web browsing was simple. You asked a server for some text, which was duly sent, and then formatted by your browser. Now a web page is as likely to be a full-blown application that is reading mail, editing text, or lots of other things and

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